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G3015T Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

120m/min speed  -  1.2G acceleration  -  IPG laser source from 2kW to 6kW

Our newest model for 2020 is the G3015T which belongs to the "Medium Power" category. Many useful innovations have been added to make it even more productive and convenient for the operator. The table changeover time has been significantly reduced to 8 seconds, and thanks to the double taper pin and servo-controlled system, positioning is always perfect. The modular, demountable workbench saves maintenance time and costs. For operator convenience, the control panel can be raised and lowered electrically. As with all G Series models, this model features top-quality German and Japanese main components, guaranteeing a virtually maintenance-free and long service life.

G3015A / G4020A: Product
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Precision can only be achieved from the right foundations. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, the accuracy of the frame without deformation is guaranteed for 20 years. After precision welding, the frame is stress relieved in 4 steps and heat treated at 600C°. As with all HSG fibre laser cutters, this machine is characterised by an extremely rigid, robust structure and a huge load capacity.

It features high precision positioning technology, ensured by the double taper pin and servo-controlled system.

G3015A / G4020A: Testimonial
g3015a fiber lézervágó gép alkatrészek, szervmotor, alumínium főtengely gerenda, lézerfej

As with all our laser cutting machines, the G3015T is built on a quality foundation of top-quality main parts. The main parts for the gear drive come from Germany's Wittenstein Alpha, while the servo motors are supplied by Panasonic. The laser head up to 4kW is WSX or Precitec Lightcutter, for 4kW and higher power German Precitec Procutter or KLINGE.


Significantly reduced table change time (8sec), increasing productivity. The machine has a double-taper table clamping system. Thanks to the electronically controlled solution, table clamping and origo pick-up are performed with almost zero error rate.


Modular, dismountable workbench. With a non-modular workbench, when removing swarf, the machine must be stopped and production delayed. The person standing on the workbench is in danger during cleaning. When using an electric chisel hammer to remove slag material, the table vibrates and this causes inaccurate cutting. In contrast, with this model, the modular dismountable table saves maintenance time and costs.


Extremely stable and robust control panel with ergonomic design, which can be electrically raised according to different needs, making the laser machine operator's work more comfortable.

Technical data

  • Típus:  G3015T, G4020T, G6025T

  • Hasznos munkaterület:  3000x1500mm / 4000x2000mm / 6000x2500mm

  • Asztalváltó:  alapfeszereltség

  • Teljes burkolat:  alapfelszereltség

  • Vágószoftver:  CypCut

  • Nesting:  alapfelszereltség

  • Max. sebesség:  120m/min

  • Max. gyorsulás:  1.2G

  • Visszatérési pontosság:  0.03mm/1000mm

  • Pozícionálási pontosság:  0.03mm/1000mm

  • Lézerforrás:  IPG fiber szilárdtest lézer

  • Lézer teljesítmények:  2kW, 2.5kW, 3kW, 4kW, 6kW

  • Lézerfej 4kW alatt:  Precitec Lighcutter auto fókusz

  • Lézerfej 4kW és felette:  Precitec Procutter auto fókusz

  • Szénacél vágás max. anyagvastagság:  20mm (2kW) - 25mm (6kW)

  • Rozsdamentes acél vágás max. anyagvastagság:  8mm (2kW) - 20mm (6kW)

  • Gép méret:  9200×3100×2350 mm (G3015T)

G3015A / G4020A: Portfolio
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