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Outstanding high quality from a leader fiber 3D tube laser cutting machine manufacturer!

Full service:

-free advisement
-machine and software
-installation and training
-support and service

HSG Laser:

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Cleanliness, precision and quality are the hallmarks of the factory and its products. HSG has several factories (40.000m2 in total) and a centre. With its own R&D department, it develops new products or patents every year, which is the driving force behind its extremely dynamic development. HSG's laser metal cutting machines comply with the European Union and ISO standards for laser products (ISO EN 60825-1 2015). Our industrial-performance laser cutting machines are safe and easy-to-use systems. 

A precise and durable industrial machine is worth nothing on its own without proper installation and after-sales support! Full Service is included with your purchase. We provide full training, safety documentation, a user manual in Hungarian and software in Hungarian (specific models only). After installation, our customers can count on our support and our own Hungarian service department with over 13 years of experience for years to come.

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Fiber fémvágó lézer téglalap alakú darabokat vág ki egy fémlemezből

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

2D flat plate cutting 500W - 15kW

We can certainly recommend a laser cutting machine for different disc types and productivity needs. HSG fiber laser machines are top quality. Compact, virtually maintenance-free equipment designed for industrial production. As with all our industrial laser machines, the 2D laser cutters come with a Full Service, which is always included in the final offer: advice, machine, software, delivery, installation, training, support and service.

Sárga-kék kombinált sík-és csővágó fiber lézervágó gép közelről


Combined 2in1 solution in one machine

Our combined laser cutting machines put almost a complete metal cutting contractor in the hands of the user: Not only steel sheet, but also tubes and lock sections can be cut, and with the right fiber laser source, aluminum, brass and copper can be cut in addition to steels. High-quality CNC mechanics and an IPG fibre laser source guarantee a precise cut.

Szürke-kék csővágó fiber lézergép hegye közelről L-alakú fémdarabot vágva

Tube Metal
Laser Cutting Machine

Semi and fully automatic cutting machines

Compared to conventional machining methods, laser-cut end sections and tubes offer significantly increased application possibilities. Be it in architecture, automotive or any other field of industry. Our machines include 2D and 3D tube cutting laser machines with semi-automatic or automatic section feeding.

CO2 lézergéppel készített zöld műanyag irattartó, kivágott mintás kék velúrbőr cípő és fa páva dísz


Engraving, cutting of organic materials

The other business area of the manufacturer is low power CO2 laser machines for the advertising, woodworking, textile and printing industries. The CO2 laser machines can engrave wood, plexiglass, glass, paper, textiles, rubber and many other materials, as well as cut wood, plexiglass and other materials. Since 2008, HSG CO2 laser engraving machines have been installed in more than 200 Hungarian companies!

Főoldal: Client
IPG Photonics céglogó

IPG fibre laser sources

Market leading laser source. With more than 100,000 hours of reliable operation and fast service support, it's the best you can choose.

nLIGHT céglogó

Nlight fibre laser sources

Even below 1kW, it is important to cut aluminium or copper materials in addition to steel in a continuous operation.

Precitec céglogó

For precise cutting

German Precitec is one of the leading brands in laser cutting heads. Economical gas flow, smart features, uncompromised precision metal cutting.

Signdepot csapattago a Signdepot Europe Kft. épülete előtt, fekete-fehérben


More than 300 laser machines installed in Hungary

100% Hungarian-owned company, exclusive domestic partner of HSG. Our company, certified by the Bisnode Group, is a financially stable, AAA-rated company. We aim to strengthen the HSG brand in Hungary through responsible work, focused on long-term success. Our laser cutting machines and our company can be seen at domestic trade shows, on the covers of industry magazines and online platforms. When buying an industrial laser cutter, our customers always receive Full Service: Consulting, machine, software, delivery, installation, training, warranty, support and service. We also provide a Hungarian version of the cutting software and machine documentation to meet local needs.

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Főoldal: Testimonial

"It was a long process that led us to the decision, with each step of the process having an increasingly powerful impact on the final outcome. And the first production experience confirmed that we had made the right decision. In my opinion, HSG will be one of the future favourites in the SME sector with its excellent value for money and modern technical standards. Their Hungarian representative Signdepot Europe Ltd. fulfilled all our cooperation needs (decision preparation, information flow, tests, installation, service) and complemented the purchased equipment with a professional service."  /dr. Antal Tibor Bayer/


Purchased machine: G3015A

Marmorit Kft.

"I would like to thank Signdepot Europe Kft. Thank you for your attitude, helpfulness and competitive prices.
I have been benefiting from laser technology since 2015. I have bought two machines from them so far and in both cases
we have been able to maximise their capabilities to suit our needs."  / Imre Csige/

Purchased machine: F1325C

CSP Trade Kft.

"The engraving and laser cutting machines we bought in 2016 are working perfectly and so far without any faults. Thanks to its modern software, we can engrave higher resolution images with better quality. The stamp impressions are much more contoured and we can use thinner fonts, previously we could only work with one font. We get faster and much more reliable quality than with our previous machine." /Peter Vadasi/


Purchased machine: B1325, S9060

Gravír Király Kft.

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Signdepot Europe Kft. szürke-kék épülete, fókuszban a bejárattal és kerítéssel


Signdepot Europe Ltd. is a dedicated Slovak distributor of HSG and offers a full range of services to its customers. All purchases include "Full Service" in addition to the basic price. 5-year service supply.

5100 Jászberény, Alkotás u. 4.

+36 57 506 510  ;  +36 57 506 515

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