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TS2 Automata Fiber Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Economical and high speed tube laser cutting machine

The TS2 high-speed tube laser cutter is an improved version of the TS65, which is more affordable but retains all the advantages of the TS65 in terms of quality and capability. The X9000's bus-based pipe cutting control system has a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface. It displays cutting data in real time. One-button clamping and automatic centring, with high and constant clamping force, clamps heavy tubes from 20mm to 240mm diameter for tubes and from 20x20mm to 240x240mm profile size for end sections.

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One-button clamping and automatic centering, with high and constant clamping force for heavy pipes from 20mm to 240mm diameter, and from 20x20mm to 240x240mm profile size for lock sections.


The intelligent software offers more than 50 pipe fitting patterns to facilitate subsequent welding and fitting.

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"Fly Cut" and Leapfrog cutting technologies that optimise and accelerate the cutting head path.


HSG X-9000 BUS based pipe cutting control system. Touch screen with simple user friendly interface.

Technical data

  • Type: TS2

  • Dispenser: automatic dispensing and collection system

  • Max speed: 100m/min

  • Max. acceleration: 1.0G

  • Return accuracy: 0.03mm/1000mm

  • Positioning accuracy: 0.03mm/1000mm

  • Laser power: 1.5kW - 3kW

  • Chuck capacity/tube: 20mm - 240mm diameter

  • Chuck capacity / end section: up to 20x20mm - 240x240mm profile size

  • Machine size: 12500x4700x2500mm

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