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G3015A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

140m/min speed  -  1.5G acceleration -  IPG laser source from 1kW to 4kW

In the "Medium Power" category, the G3015A is undoubtedly the factory's most popular model. 800 successful installations in 2016 prove that HSG LASER group has a strong share of the metal cutting laser machine market. This cutting machine is available with a useful working area of 3000x1500mm, 4000x2000mm, 6000x2000mm or 6000x2500mm, as well as a protective cover and a quick table changer. As with all G Series models, imported German and Japanese main parts and other quality components ensure a long and virtually maintenance-free service life and a guaranteed return accuracy of 0.05mm. Our G3015A laser cutter with IPG solid-state laser is suitable for cutting steels under 2kW, steel, aluminium and copper over 2kW.

G3015A / G4020A: Product
G3015A / G4020A: ProGallery_Widget
g3015a fiber lézervágó gép asztalváza

Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, the deformation-free precision of the G3015A cutting table is guaranteed for 20 years. Following precision welding, the frame is stress relieved in 4 steps and heat treated at 600C°. The G3015A is equipped with a table changer, with 2 x 3000x1500mm tables changing in just 15sec.

g3015a fiber lézervágó gép alkatrészek, szervmotor, alumínium főtengely gerenda, lézerfej

As with all our laser cutting machines, the G3015A is built on a quality foundation of top-quality main parts. The main components for the linear drive come from WITTENSTEIN in Germany, while the servo motors are supplied by SANYO DENKI and PANASONIC. The laser head is supplied by Klinge or Precitec Lightcutter for power below 2kW, German Precitec Procutter for 2kW and higher. The main shaft beam is 20mm thick-walled cast aluminium, designed for over 2G acceleration. The self-lubricating, sealed mechanics, quality main parts, Rexroth/Omron components all guarantee long term stable operation.

g3015a fiber lézervágó cypcut vágószoftverének számítógépes nézete

The HSG G3015A laser cutter comes with CypCut cutting software (included in the price). Industrial use, but still user-friendly and easy to operate. The open source, Windows-based software allows for easy installation and operation. No need for expensive software options or upgrades. Most popular vector file formats can be imported (e.g. DXF, AI). CypCut offers a wide range of options: editing, breaking, grouping of curves, professional Nesting (board layout) function, micro perforation and joint, laser beam in/out, etc. The software automatically switches between Nitrogen / Oxygen gas joints according to the material.

G3015A / G4020A: Testimonial

Technical data

  • Típus:  G3015A, G4020A, G6020A, G6025A

  • Hasznos munkaterület:  3000x1500mm / 4000x2000mm / 6000x2000mm / 6000x2500mm

  • Asztalváltó:  alapfeszereltség

  • Teljes burkolat:  alapfelszereltség

  • Vágószoftver:  CypCut

  • Nesting:  alapfelszereltség

  • Max. sebesség:  140m/min

  • Max. gyorsulás:  1.5G

  • Visszatérési pontosság:  0.03mm/1000mm

  • Pozícionálási pontosság:  0.03mm/1000mm

  • Lézerforrás:  IPG fiber szilárdtest lézer

  • Lézer teljesítmények:  1kW, 1.5kW, 2kW, 3kW, 4kW

  • Lézerfej 2kW alatt:  Klinge (Precitec Lighcutter alkatrészek) manuális fókusz

  • Lézerfej 2kW és felette:  Precitec Procutter auto fókusz

  • Szénacél vágás max. anyagvastagság:  12mm (1kW) - 22mm (4kW)

  • Rozsdamentes acél vágás max. anyagvastagság:  6mm (1kW) - 12mm (4kW)

  • Gép méret:  8850×2950×2250mm (G3015A)

G3015A / G4020A: Portfolio
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