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G3015E-22Q és 35Q Sheet and Tube
Laser Cutting Machine

3000x1500mm - 6000x2000mm  I  flat sheet I  tube  I  bracket

An improved version of the G3015E-60T, which represents an improvement in productivity and capacity in terms of the rotation unit. The new rotation system has a pneumatic chuck system, which is faster than manual clamping, and automatic centring. In addition to cutting tubes and end sections, the machine also cuts flat plates, made even more productive by the pallet changer. Depending on the power of the fibre laser source, steels, brass, copper and aluminium can be cut (above 2kW). With its huge rotating capacity and optional slab changing table up to 6000x2000mm, the G3015E-35Q is a true all-in-one laser cutting machine for sheet metal fabricators.

G3015E-6035Q: Product
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G3015E-22q/35q fiber lézervágó fekete asztalváza

Precision starts with the basics. Innovative and high-quality manufacturing technology means that even when cutting high-speed and small objects, there is no unpleasant resonance that can affect quality. Precisely laser cut, welded and CNC machined, the frame undergoes 4-step stress relief and 600C° heat treatment. The advanced manufacturing process guarantees the accuracy of the frame for 20 years.

g3015e-22q/35q fiber lézervágó alkatrészei, lézerfej, fogasléc, fogaskerék, alumínium gerenda

Robust and precise quality is guaranteed by the main parts and components incorporated. The rack and pinion CNC system is driven by double servo motors (Panasonic). Laser head under 2kW WSX, over 2kW German Precitec. The "heart" of the laser machine is the solid-state laser source made by German IPG, a market leading brand. The beam driven by the motors is cast aluminium with a wall thickness of 20mm, 50% lighter than conventional steel beams and capable of up to 2G acceleration.

g3015e-22q/35q fiber lézervágó cypcut vágószoftver számítógépes képernyőkép

The laser cutter is controlled by the CypCut cutting software, which has a user-friendly interface for industrial use. It has everything you would expect from 2D laser cutting software: Import, decompose and edit known CAD and other vector file formats. Smart features (cut-off, micro perforation, kerf offset...etc.) and nesting function with different algorithms, resulting in more optimal sheet utilization with less waste and increased productivity.

G3015E-22q és 35q fiber lézervágók forgatóegysége oldalnézetből

22Q: Tubes from 20mm to 210mm, end sections from 20x20mm to 150x150mm.

35Q: Tubes from 20mm to 325mm, end section from 20x20mm to 230x230mm.

HSG's largest rotary unit, the 35Q has a unique capacity to extend the diameter of 6m sections that can be laser cut to extreme diameters. For tubes up to 325mm diameter and for end sections up to 230x230mm profile size can be accommodated. The chuck loading system has also been improved and is now pneumatic. This not only ensures faster section clamping, but also automatic centring.

G3015E-6035Q: Testimonial
g3015e-22q/35q fber lézervágó teljes burkolttal és záródó ajókkal

The G3015E-22Q/35Q has a semi-open enclosure and complies with the requirements of MSZ EU 60825-1 for laser products, but can also be supplied with a full enclosure option to meet specific health and safety requirements.

Technical data

  • Típus:  G3015E-22Q/35Q;  G4020E-22Q/35Q;  G6020E-22Q/35Q

  • Hasznos munkaterület:  3000x1500mm;  4000x2000mm; 6000x2000mm

  • Asztalváltó:  alapfelszereltség

  • Teljes burkolat:  opció

  • Vágószoftver: CypCut

  • Nesting:  alapfelszereltség

  • Max. sebesség:  60m/min

  • Max. gyorsulás:  0.5G

  • Visszatérési pontosság:  0.05mm/1000mm

  • Pozícionálási pontosság:  0.03mm/1000mm

  • Lézerforrás:  IPG fiber szilárdtest lézer

  • Lézer teljesítmények:  1kW - 4kW

  • Lézerfej 2kW alatt: WSX (Precitec Lightcutter alkatrészek) manuális fókusz

  • Lézerfej 2kW felett: Precitec Procutter autófókusz

  • Szénacél vágás max. anyagvastagság:  12mm (1kW) - 22mm (4kW)

  • Rozsdamentes acél vágás max. anyagvastagság:  6mm (1kW) - 12mm (4kW)

  • Gép méret:  8800x3800x2250mm 

HSG fiber lézervágó vágásminta
G3015E-6035Q: Portfolio
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