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G3015X Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

140m/min speed  -  compact, small space requirement  -  IPG laser source from 1.5kW to 6kW

As HSG's most popular laser cutting machine (over 4000 machines installed worldwide), the G3015A has been further developed, resulting in the new G3015X model in 2019. The G3015A's sophisticated CNC system, drive, laser source and laser head remain unchanged. The improvements mainly concerned the extraction, the design of the machine's electrical cabinet, the table changing mechanics, the enclosure and the control software. These changes not only made operation safer, but the new enclosure and modular design (machine and electrical cabinet separate) resulted in a smaller, more compact machine. The G3015X fits into a smaller space than the G3015A, but is still more advanced and faster.

G3015A / G4020A: Product

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g3015x fiber lézervágó gép fekete asztalváza

As with all our HSG machines, the G3015X comes with a workbench that has been manufactured with special care. Thanks to 4-step stress relief and heat treatment at 600°C, the accuracy of the table surface is guaranteed for 20 years. Extremely high load capacity, precision final inspection, long service life.

g3015x fiber lézervágó gép alkatrészek, szervmotor, lézerfej, fogasléc

The G3015X is built using only the highest quality components from the most trusted brands. The most important main parts are all products from leading manufacturers. Even the weakest link can affect the proper functioning of the system, which is why the gas circuit and electronic components are supplied by renowned brands such as Rexroth, Omron and Schneider. Thanks to the advanced technical content, the machine's parameters are also impressive: maximum head movement speed of 140m/min (at idle) with 1.5G acceleration, flycut cutting (cutting of small objects on thin plates without changing the head's Z position), shake-free cutting at high speeds.

G3015A / G4020A: Testimonial
xlase g3015x fiber lézervágó füstelszívási rendszerének működési rajza

Improved extraction system for more efficient fume extraction. In previous models of the G3015X, extraction from the entire laser cutting cabin was via a single connection point. In the new G3015X frame structure, extraction is done through 12 points and is transmitted to the connection point in a central beam. The more direct and segmented air handling design makes the extraction more efficient, reducing the concentration of fumes and particulates, which has a positive effect on both the machine and the operator.

G3015x fiber lézervágó HSG-X_cut vágószoftverének számítógépes nézete

The HSG G3015X industrial laser cutter comes with all-new AlphaT cutting software. Like its predecessor, the CypCut software, it offers user-friendly operation, a short learning curve and a host of useful production support features. AlphaT offers a wide range of options: curve editing, breaking, grouping, micro perforation and jointing, laser beam in/out, etc. The software automatically switches between Nitrogen/Oxygen gas joints according to the material. The key feature is nesting (board design), which optimizes production based on drawings, quantities and board size while reducing waste. The new AlphaT now features a multitouch display, which speeds up the operator's work.

xlase g3015x fiber lézervágó különálló gyengeáramú és nagyfeszültségű moduláris egysége

The new G3015X has been designed with a smaller footprint in mind, so the machine's low-voltage and high-voltage systems are housed in separate units. The modular design has a number of advantages in addition to the reduced space requirements. Thus, dust, resonance and heat are less likely to affect the more sensitive components. These units are housed in a separate, sealed, ventilated and passively cooled cabinet. This modular design is also advantageous for the transport and installation of the machine and for servicing.

xlase g3015x lézervágó gép két motoros és két láncos asztalváltója

The drive for the G3015A table changer has also been improved in our new G3015X laser cutter. The new drive features two motors and two chain drives instead of one. The double drive moves the two tables separately, reducing vibration and increasing the speed of the changeover.

TÜV Rheinland certifikáció embléma

HSG GmbH's primary target market is Europe, so compliance with current EU directives and the laser products standard is a priority. The G3015X is TÜV Rheinland certified, a unique achievement in its category. The laser cutter has a precisely designed complete housing, including an inspection window to provide adequate protection against the fibre laser. This means that the operator can operate the machine in complete safety, following our professional training.

Technical data

  • Típus:  G3015X

  • Hasznos munkaterület:  3000x1500mm

  • Asztalváltó:  alapfeszereltség

  • Teljes burkolat:  alapfelszereltség

  • Vágószoftver:  AlphaT

  • Nesting:  alapfelszereltség (lemezterv készítés és optimalizálás)

  • Max. sebesség:  140m/min

  • Max. gyorsulás:  1.5G

  • Visszatérési pontosság:  0.03mm/1000mm

  • Pozícionálási pontosság:  0.03mm/1000mm

  • Lézerforrás:  IPG fiber szilárdtest lézer

  • Lézer teljesítmények:   1.5kW, 2kW, 2.5kW, 3kW, 4kW, 6kW (rendeléskor kiválasztásra kerül)

  • Lézerfej 2kW alatt:  WSX (Precitec Lighcutter alkatrészek) manuális fókusz

  • Lézerfej 2kW és felette:  Precitec Procutter auto fókusz

  • Szénacél vágás max. anyagvastagság:  16mm (1.5kW) - 25mm (6kW)

  • Rozsdamentes acél vágás max. anyagvastagság:  8mm (1.5kW) - 20mm (6kW)

  • Gép méret:  8900x2260x2200mm (G3015X)

  • Gép súly: 8000kg

G3015A / G4020A: Portfolio
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