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G4020H Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

169m/min speed  -  Új HSG-X control system  -  IPG laser source from 6kW to 15kW

The G4020H is HSG's high-performance 2D metal cutting laser system. The design, the components that make up the machine and the control software all meet the highest productivity demands. With maximum speeds up to 169m/min, table sizes of 4000x2000mm, 6000x2000mm, 8000x2000mm or 8000x2500mm, laser power is available from 6kW up to 15kW.

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g3015h fiber lézervágó gép asztalváza

Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, the G4020H cutting table is guaranteed for 20 years without deformation. After precision welding, the frame is stress relieved in 4 steps and heat treated at 600C°. The G4020H is equipped with a table changer, the 2pcs 4000x2000mm table further increases the productivity of laser sheet metal cutting. As with all HSG fibre laser cutters, this machine features an extremely rigid, robust construction. Thanks to the double servo motor rack and pinion drive and the rigid structure, even when cutting small, large objects at high speeds, there is no resonance that would negatively affect the cutting quality.

g3015h fiber lézervágó gép alkatrészek, szervmotor, lézerfej, alumínium főtengely gerenda

The most important main parts in HSG laser machines come from market-leading German and Japanese suppliers. The main components for the linear drive are from WITTENSTEIN in Germany, while the servo motors are from Bosch Rexroth. The laser head below 6kW is Precitec Procutter, above 6kW the laser head is German made, HIGHYAG brand. The crankshaft beam is 20mm thick-walled cast aluminium, designed for over 2G acceleration, an advanced solution to the traditional steel bridge. The self-lubricating, sealed mechanics, quality main parts, Rexroth/Omron/Schneider pneumatic and electronic components all guarantee long-term stable operation.

g4020h fiber lézrevágó HSG-X vágószoftverének számítógépes nézete

The G4020H features the latest HSG-X closed-loop control system for safer operation. The closed-loop control receives feedback from individual machine components for more reliable operation. Our laser cutter's front-end management software also includes a nesting function (standard function) which allows you to run a production report, optimise board utilisation with the least waste, and simulation (e.g. for quoting based on one or more drawings and given quantities). Other useful functions are also available such as micro-soldering, punching distance adjustment, entry and exit point adjustment.

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Technical data

  • Típus:  G4020H, G6020H, G8020H, G8025H

  • Hasznos munkaterület:  4000x2000mm, 6000x2000mm, 6000x2500mm, 8000x2000mm, 8000x2500mm

  • Asztalváltó:  alapfeszereltség (2db asztal, auto/manual váltás)

  • Teljes burkolat:  alapfelszereltség

  • Vágószoftver:  2019-től HSG-X

  • Nesting:  Sigmanest

  • Max. sebesség:  169m/min

  • Max. gyorsulás:  2G

  • Visszatérési pontosság:  0.05mm/1000mm

  • Pozícionálási pontosság:  0.03mm/1000mm

  • Lézerforrás:  IPG fiber szilárdtest lézer

  • Lézer teljesítmények:  6kW, 8kW, 12kW, 15kW

  • Lézerfej 4kW felett: Precitec Procutter

  • Lézerfej 6kW felett:  Highyag Zoom

  • Szénacél vágás max. anyagvastagság:  22mm (4kW) - 30mm (10kW), 

  • Rozsdamentes acél vágás max. anyagvastagság:  12mm (4kW) - 30mm (10kW)

  • Gép méret:  10089x3380x1900mm (G4020H)

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