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X0606 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

100m/min speed  -  1.0G acceleration  -  IPG laser source from 1.5kW to 3kW

The smallest professional fiber laser cutting machine in the X series, with linear motor drive for precision laser cutting. The X Series is characterised by its compact, space-saving, energy-saving and well-designed design. As with all G Series models, the new X Series models are built using only top-quality Japanese and German components, guaranteeing a long and maintenance-free service life. Its fully enclosed industrial enclosure protects the operator from reflected laser radiation and smoke generated during cutting.

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The main components of the machine come from market-leading and top-quality German and Japanese suppliers. The heart of the laser machine is the solid-state laser source, manufactured by the German company IPG, with a lifetime of up to 100 000 working hours. The rack-and-pinion drive is manufactured by the German WITTENSTEIN Alpha, which has a self-lubricating, sealed mechanism, so lubrication is always optimal with minimal dirt and maintenance. Quality components are also present in smaller components such as electronic parts from Omron and Schneider.


A marble table and linear motor drive guarantee the machine's vibration-free stability. It features a two-sided adjustable sheet material clamp that prevents deformation and distortion of the material, so you can always achieve precise and accurate cuts.


The laser cutting machine is based on a robust, heavy-duty machine frame. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, the frame's deformation-free accuracy is guaranteed for 20 years. The frame parts are machined on a 12 metre CNC milling machine and, after precision welding, undergo a 4-stage stress relief and 600°C heat treatment.


A layer of flame-retardant manganese steel covers the entire cutting area. It does not deform at high power and effectively protects your machine from heat and impact during cutting. Its totally enclosed design and concentrated, powerful exhaust means that no harmful emissions are released into the environment.

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