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X3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

120m/min speed  -  1.5G acceleration  -  IPG laser source from 1.5kW to 3kW

As with all HSG models, the X3015 is based on an extremely stable and robust frame, which is stress relieved in 4 stages and heat treated to 600C°. The machine is built using only top quality German and Japanese components. The X3015 is a 2D metal laser cutting machine with a useful working area of 3000x1500mm. The horizontally movable worktable facilitates the loading and unloading of materials. Its enclosed, designed, elegant industrial enclosure protects the worker from reflective laser radiation. It is equipped with a vertically opening door to save space. The X3015 is a compact fibre laser cutting machine that requires little space and is extremely precise at high speeds.

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The inner part of the table structure of the cutting machine is coated with manganese, which protects the structure from high heat and impact, thus guaranteeing a longer life of the frame.

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The most important main parts come from market-leading German and Japanese suppliers. The main components for the linear drive come from WITTENSTEIN in Germany, while the servo motors are supplied by PANASONIC. The laser head is also German, featuring PRECITEC technology. Self-lubricating, sealed mechanics, quality main parts and Rexroth/Omron components all guarantee long-term stable operation.


Precision can only be achieved from the right foundations. HSG machine frames are heat treated to 600°C and cooled for 24 hours after machining on a 12-metre CNC milling machine to ensure a minimum 20-year deformation-free life. The table comes with heavy-duty but precisely adjustable feet. It has a useful working area of 3000x1500mm.

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Its vertically opening door and horizontally moving table contribute to space saving and productivity. The drawer design of the work table makes it easy for the operator to load and unload sheet material.

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